Azolla Bed-(12 X 4 X 1 Ft) For Azolla Cultivation 400 GSM HDPE UV Treated 7 Years Life Quality

Azolla Bed-(12 X 4 X 1 Ft) For Azolla Cultivation 400 GSM HDPE UV Treated 7 Years Life Quality

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Product description

Materials required for Azolla cultivation:

HDPE Azolla Bed for azolla farming (standerd size: 12ft x 4ft x 1ft)

1.5"x 1.5' pipe/wooden pole 10-14 as per bed size.

Fertile Soil as required (15-20kg)

40kg cow dung (2 days older) or pig, chicken manure.

Water as required.

Prepration of azolla farming: 

Choose an area with sufficient sun shade and level an area with 1.5 meter width and 2.5 meter length.

Instal Bazodo Azolla cultivation bed In the leveled place, fit pipe/bamboo on given pockets an 4 sides.

Spread sieved fertile soil evenly up to 0.5 inch layer on bed.

Pour slurry made of cow dung of water in the bed.

Fill the pit with water as required.

Spread 1kg of pure mother Azolla culture evenly. 

Fresh water should be sprinkled over the Azolla immediately after this to make plants upright.

After 2-3 days add  Azolla culture in the azolla bed by gently rubbing Azolla in hands. It helps break Azolla into smaller pieces for faster multiplication.

After two-week start harvesting. from 12' x 4' x 1'  size, you can harvest 1kg Azolla each day.

Important tips for Azolla cultivation

Azolla rapidly grows on azolla bed so maintain Azolla biomass 300 gms – 350 gms /sq.meter  hence harvest daily to avoid overcrowding.

Add once in 5 days mixture of Super Phosphate, and cow dung also add mixture containing magnesium, iron, copper,

Sulfur etc. at weekly intervals to enhance the mineral content of Azolla.

Replace 25 to 30% old water with fresh water, once in 10 days; it helps to prevent nitrogen build up in the pond.

Replace complete water and soil, at least once in six months and then add Fresh Azolla seeds.

Maintain the water level of at least 10 cm, so Azolla root doesn’t grow in the soil by keeping the roots floating it becomes easy to harvest.  

Harvested Azolla wash thoroughly, so it removes dirt and smell of cow dung and then feeds them to animals.

Its simple to begin azolla cultivation with Mipatex azolla farming bed.