3 Inch Coir Seedling Pot - Seed Germination Cup

3 Inch Coir Seedling Pot - Seed Germination Cup

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Product description

Coco Liners are eco-friendly and lasts for longer period of time.Reduces the need for watering by as much as 50 percent.

Coir pots are biodegradable pots and an excellent growing medium for plants and can be transplanted into the soil with the pot itself. Coco-coir pots have an exceptionally high permeability to water, air and roots.Coco pots promotes root distribution( aerial root pruning ) thus allowing complete usage of the pot.

Use sprayers to water the plants.Plants planted directly into the ground in coir pots will settle in and take off more quickly.

3 inch coir pot. (8cm (top dia) x 5cm (bottom dia) x 8cm (height)).The thickness of the pot is 4.5 mm.

Best potting container for root aeration. Perfect for planting directly into the soil or larger pots.Minimal root disturbance promotes stronger, healthier plants. Made from biodegradable coconut fibre.