2 Litre Water Sprayer Hand-Held Pump Pressure Garden Sprayer

2 Litre Water Sprayer Hand-Held Pump Pressure Garden Sprayer

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Product description

Water Sprayer Hand-held Pump Pressure Garden Sprayer This product is practical. By adjusting the rotating nozzle, water spray can be controlled. When giving the plants water, nozzle can be more loose, drops of water can become larger, the nozzle is more tightened, spray water turns into the mist. This product is suitable for hotels, greenhouse, warehousing, planting, flowers, bonsai, nursery, vegetables, can be used for all kinds of perfume, cleaning agent, spray washing agent in living rooms and public places, also can be used for cleaning the furniture, glasses, cars and ironing clothing. In a word, it is widely used in various aspects and it is a good tool for the modern family to use.

Product Features:

One-Hand Operation - The handheld garden sprayer is crafted with a locking mechanism at the handle, when you get the right stream, you can lock it in place and spay continuously. Easy to release your hands, saving time and energy with these efficient tools. Ergonomic Handle - Energy-saving designed handle, any hand type can easy to master. Anti-skid handshake in ergonomic design, holding comfortable. Easy to Adjust - Rotate the adjustable nozzle to change the sprayer mode. Whether you want a fine mist for your plants or a steady stream, you get it all in one sprayer. Broad Application - Perfect for spraying nee, oil, misting veggies, gardening, cleaning, automotive. Watering flowers, flush the car, home cleaning, all make life more interesting. High strength, high hardness, good heat resistant and cold resistant, durable and long life Spray Plants and More - Plants Need Fertilizer, Pesticides, Insecticides and Even Neem Oil, And of Course Water. It is Fine Misting, Easy to Use, Durable