Home Garden Hand Fork

Home Garden Hand Fork

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Product description

An essential planting and weeding tool which should be part of every gardener's tool kit.

Single handed tool with three tines designed for planting and weeding, making it ideal for use in borders, pots and tubs.

Bi-material, soft feel and non-slip contoured handle for comfortable use, cranked to eliminate scraped knuckles and provide additional leverage.

It helps you to break up the soil clots and sort of smooth out the garden bed. You can also use a garden fork to scrape up various debris in the garden.

You can also use a garden fork to help mix fertilizers, compost and other soil additives with the soil.

It’s also a great tool to fluff up the soil and aerate the soil, by breaking the soil masses.

Garden fork is also a harvesting tool, especially useful when lifting up root crops like potatoes.

Material: Iron, Color: Black knife & orange handle

Object size: 22 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm

Package Content: 1 pc tool - fork